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Falling Light

A slowing evolving VCV Rack, perfect for relaxation and reducing stress.

All music generated byVCV Rack, (virtual Eurorack) featuring modules by Impromtu, Befaco, Bogaudio, MindMeld, Shapemaster Pro, NYSTHI, Vult and more.

Waves of Wind

A recreation of a VCV Rack patch by Omri Cohen in his demonstration of the Twin Quartet module by Hora. His patch can be found in this video at 3:34

I added a bass drone and mixed a C min pentatonic scale with a Bb major pentatonic scale in others.

A Perfect Day

A VCV Rack Patch. This video has some non-intrusive annotations. Look for the red highlighted boxes to tell which part of the patch is playing what the text is mentioning at that moment.
A tune using Jooper as a "scene" control. Included modules by Impromtu, MindMeld, Bogaudio Vult, Geodesics, Valley, Surge XT, Stoermelder, Befaco, Audible Instruments, NYSTHI and VCV.

Shape Shifter

A VCV Rack patch that showcases the ShapeMaster Pro, from MindMeld. The bass, two sequenced lines (panned left and right,) the kick and snare, as well as some modulation curves are all being done by the ShapeMaster in the second row. The two sequenced lines are cycling through a set of five shapes. The left panned line starts on shape 1, the right panned line on shape 3. The EOC of the ShapeMaster is triggering the faux sustained guitar line, which in turn uses its EOC to tigger a burst with a divided by two clock. The main tune, high-hat, and swelling bass are sequenced with Impromptu Phrase-Seq-32 modules. The final mix is being controlled by a second ShapeMaster.


This patch started as an experiment using the Dark Energy modules by Geodesics. It also uses the Entropia sequencers by them. The patch is then divided into scenes using the Jooper module by NYSTHI.
As always, thanks to Omri Cohen.

Pulling Down the Night

A VCV Rack patch using multiple instances of the Befaco Muxlicer, Impromptu Phrase Sequencers, various oscillators and filters. The structure of the piece is controlled by NYSTHI’s Jooper, to create scenes on the MindMeld Mixer which are triggered by an AKAI MPK225.

As always, thanks to Omri Cohen whose great videos helped with the techniques used.

Come and Gone

This patch uses Jooper by NYSTHI to control the comings and goings of the parts by muting the MindMeld Mixer. Jooper is being triggered by an Akai MPK225, but it could be triggered by any midi controller.

Big thanks to Omri Cohen, for helping me get this to work. Sept 20, 2023

Another Life

This piece was started as a VCV Rack patch but finished in Ableton Live. All sounds and FXs are VCV Rack modules, expect for a few instances of Fabfilter plugins. Sept 20, 2023

Tipping Point

A piece that started with drums being processed through a vocorder and quickly outgrew VCV Rack's ability to manage the linear arrange I was reaching for. Its meter is either 4/4 or 6/8 depending upon what you hear at any given moment.

The video is a compost of Live's Arrangement and Session views with a couple instances of a VCV Rack visualizer superimposed on top.

I began work on this song in late July, 2023 after the Earth had experienced the hottest day ever recorded during the hottest week, during what I'm sure is the hottest summer. It feels like we have reached the tipping point. Glaciers and ice caps are melting, water is rising or disappearing, forests are burning. August 12, 2023

The Road Through Golden

A patch using OR logic to control the structure. August 19, 2023

Les Robots de Paris

A short, pop style tune using a variety of VCV modules. July 21, 2023

Time with You

A generative patch using several Rampage looping triggers along with other types of assembled function generators. The Neutrinode module was used as well. A big thanks to Omri Cohen for his inspiring videos. July 28, 2023

Toward Starlight

This VCV Patch grew to the point where it seemed to make more sense to finish it in Ableton Live. Once in Live the bass, drums and lead were separated from the main patch. The video is a composite of now separate elements.

July 8, 2023.

Holding On To Letting Go

This piece started with trying out the Count Modula Multi Gate Sequencer. There are two of them in the patch, one in the middle of the bottom row. As the piece grew in complexity I added the Entrian Timeline Sequencer. It controls the fader moves along with sequencing the faux Mellotron and moving bell tones. The second tune is a quasi-generative melody originating in the Bogaudio Walk2 module. You can follow the tune by watching the little tadpole move around inside the black screen in the top row. I set up several parameters to get the module to rise and fall in rhythmic complexity rather than allowing it to be totally generative.
As always, thanks to Omri Cohen.

June 14, 2023

Audio Only

Night Pulse

Yunnan Remix

Transit of Venus

June 1, 2023

Rein und Raus

This piece uses AND logic to control the Ins and Outs of the different parts.

May 14, 21


First attempt with VCV Rack. A test run so to speak.

April 30, 2023

Yunnan - South of the Mountain

A generative piece with piano. See above remix track.

May 29, 2023

Clouds Passing (1978)

May 23, 2023

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